Suppliers and Service Providers, target your market quickly and effectively by joining the Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans (AAGNO). Membership within our organization puts you in touch with decision makers in the multifamily industry who represent more than 36,000 apartments in the Greater New Orleans area. Connect with owners, supervisors, management and maintenance personnel who are responsible for purchasing your products or services. As an Associate Member you will gain access to:

Trade Shows

Display your products and services at Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans Annual Trade Show. The AAGNO Annual Trade Show is where Associate Members introduce their products and services in a festive setting to on-site property management personnel as well as apartment owners.


Associate Members can attend monthly membership luncheons where members meet and exchange information with one another. This is the perfect setting for Associate Members to gain recognition while networking.

Social Events

Associate Members participate in the Associate Council's Annual Crawfish Boil where suppliers and service providers host a party for owners and property management personnel. This relaxed environment allows Associate Members to interact with each member as the evening progresses. This personal interaction allows you to become better acquainted with your customers. Associate Sponsors of this event receive free advertisement.


Apartment News is magazine published by the Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans for all members. This is a very popular publication that includes industry related information, announcements of ongoing educational programs, editorials and member advertisements.

Directory Listing

The Buyer's Guide and Membership Directory is an annual directory that identifies all Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans members. Associate Members receive detailed listings, with name, address, phone and email contact information. This directory serves as a reference guide for members. Product and service providers can also advertise in the publication as they would in the yellow pages of the phone book.


Gain name recognition through the sponsorship of our educational programs. The Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans offers a variety of ongoing educational programs designed to inform owners and property management personnel of the complexities of the rapidly changing apartment industry. Associate Members are called upon to conduct mini-seminars to teach our members about the benefits of the products or services. Associate Members who help defer the cost of these and other programs gain recognition by receiving free advertisement.


Associate Members of the Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans subscribe to a code of ethics that ensures fair and ethical business practices. This is why owners, managers and maintenance personnel within the industry strive to conduct business with Associate Members.

Experience all the benefits of Associate Membership by joining the Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans today.

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